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What is the difference between a "vintage rug" and an "antique rug"?

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If we list a rug as "vintage", that means that it is 50 to 70 years old. If we list it as "antique", it is closer to 80 or 100 years, might be even more.

How do I clean my vintage / antique rug?

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We receive all of our rugs in professionally cleaned condition from our suppliers. You can also clean your rug at home using a mild soap and a soft brush. Thoroughly vacuum on the rug on both sides to remove dirt and debris. Mix soap with warm water in a bucket and brush your rug gently. Do not use hot water as it can shrink the rug or cause fading. Rinse the soap out of the rug using a garden hose or buckets of clean water. Remove the excess water before letting it dry on a flat surface. Do not forget to flip it over to let the bottom side dry. It would also be a good idea to shake your rug out once every couple of months to remove dust.

What is "pile"? What is the difference between "low" and "high" when it comes to pile?

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"Pile" refers to the fabric loops of your rug. If a rug is called “high pile,” it means the fibers are taller and looser. "Low pile", on the other hand, has shorter fibers and tighter loops. Some vintage and antique rugs may confuse you to be low pile just because they are worn in nature by being walked on for decades, but they are not. Please refer to our pile indications on each individual products page.

Payments & Refunds

Can I pay in my country's currency?

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Unfortunately not. We process payments only in AUD.  The currency converter on the header of our website is only there to help you convert the value of the items into the currency that you are accustomed to.

Shipping & Deliveries

Can I track my shipment?

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Yes, because it is year 2020! 😊 You may take a look at our Shipping Policy for further information on how.

Do you offer in-house display?

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Yes, we offer in-house display by appointment for the Inner Melbourne Area. If you are an Inner Melbourne Area resident and want to see how your desired rugs look in your home, just contact us and we will gladly schedule a visit at no extra charge.

Do you collaborate with other businesses?

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Interior designers, architects, property developers or commercial organisations are important partners to our business. If you are one of these and looking for antique / vintage rugs of the utmost quality we would love to collaborate with you. Once approved, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on the collections and early access to all of our new pieces.

How will I make sure that you donate through my purchase as promised?

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You will receive a tree certificate and confirmation email for the donation that is done through your purchase.

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